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About The Artist

"Art washes the dust from the soul of everyday life"

- Pablo Picasso

about the artist
personal mission

Self PortraitBorn in Newport Beach, CA in 1953 --- Rick Wolfryd is a multi-dimensional artist & writer who has spent much of his lifetime developing his unique cultural vision and word craft outside of mainstream art experience. According to Carole Lieff, Santa Barbara-based art dealer and friend of the artist, "I have known Rick Wolfryd for almost 20 years. Rick has always been a maverick artist --- and art dealer; a renegade. Nothing has changed. He will not hew to many of the stale conventions ( and pretensions ) that seem to drive the art ( and literature ) markets. Rick creates his ‘Outsider Works’ empirically ( although he holds BS and MFA degrees ), while discovering new parts of himself and his art as he goes along. Recently, Rick has produced the finest creative works, I believe, of his lifetime . . . and it is honest, speculative work.”


Currently residing in Mexico City since Summer of 2009, Rick is working simultaneously on his fine art drawings, photography, poetry, and “digital and ideological reconstructions” ( terminology he uses to describe his most recent computer generated art work ). In 1998, Rick was Sotheby’s 8th largest client in the world for buying/selling/trading contemporary prints and --- to his credit --- Rick also created and co-founded one of the world’s most successful, independent Contemporary Fine Art galleries based in Los Angeles, CA --- Wolfryd-Selway Fine Art ( currently Hamilton-Selway Fine Art ).

Yet Rick’s work and influences have always been guided buy an internal drive and determination to “create sublime statements” outside of mainstream art experience & venues --- where his personal vision remains influenced, but uncompromised. According to the artist: “I am not a great scientifically minded person; I am no extraordinary visionary; I am no pointed philosopher following and establishing new rules; I am no sharp-tongued critic, or self-centered wanderer, or mystic lover of all things and people. My main artistic mission is to leave the world a much better place by inspiring people through my creative work; giving all-of-me through acts of artistry & love; generously trusting that my point of view is “just that” --- a small “blip” on the map of everything-beautiful (about life ) that matters, and doesn’t . . .


Still a Vision of Us
I Can See . . .
       ( Entrusted In Eternity! )
       Lies Waylaid Somewhere Over There;
Like a Torch! A Hammer! A Block --- That’s Bare!
       And My Pounding Heart
       With Illumination Enough
To Sanctify the Holy Night
Never Quits Pounding Out My Dreams!
The Thought of You ( And How! )
It Always Seems . . .

RW from Posed Sentiment