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"We live only to discover beauty.
  All else is a form of waiting."

- Kahlil Gibran

artist at the polyforum
dominant aspiration
a girl from the garden
art gallery girl
two sisters
red dress
restaurant blues
construction worker
singing the blues
skyscraper in chiapas
outstanding siesta
sketch artist
family in pink
make up
the visitors
light faculty
christmas in mexico city
the untold truth
the apocolypse seminar
the salt road
body shop art
girl in formal gown
comrades in tuxtla
our curious nature
the new bridge
cactus memoire
mexican gothic
team spirit
sniffing out trouble
girl with balloons
light lunch at noon
girl with accordian
guitar players
travertine gleam
cactus cuisine
the castle
two sisters
the crossing
team spirit 2
photo essays
best photos in mexico 2010
best photos in mexico 2010
the light
inversions and reflections
best photographs in mexico
commercial portraits
other cities